Feb 29 2012

Property Management in a Tough Economy

Published by under Simarc

Although the economy has picked up in some areas over the recent months, most businesses are still trying to get ahead from the global economic downturn, and property management companies are no exception. To fight back against the ongoing sluggish economy, Simarc works hard to save money on property management without compromising the quality of service that is provided.

One way Simarc can help you save money on property management is to cut back on traditional advertising, such as radio, television, magazine, newspaper and Yellow Pages ads, while upping your company’s web presence. Since most people today begin the search for a new property on the Internet, this can save a considerable amount of money each year. In addition, creating and optimizing a Twitter account or Facebook page, or sending out periodic email newsletter, is generally very cost effective compared to more traditional types of advertising, and it allows you to personalize your message much more often.

Becoming an expert in the local market is another way Simarc can help clients succeed at property management in a tough economy. Make an effort to keep up with current legislative measures and other social issues, as well as any market trends that are unique to your region. Join professional associations related to property management, including local real estate groups, and make an effort to actively participate in order to network and become recognized as an expert in your field.

At Simarc, we believe that providing excellent customer service is still the best way to attract and retain clients, so focus on being that best at what you do. Property management can lead to a wide variety of excellent long-term relationships, which will help business grow and remain strong for years to come. To receive the maximum number of referrals, work to ensure that all interactions between staff members and clients are positive, from the front desk to maintenance requests.

Although we are all trying to stretch our resources as far as possible, there are also some areas that you should never skimp on when it comes to property management. For example, professional landscaping is very important for the overall appearance of any property, and is often one of the first things potential new clients notice when they arrive. Also, be sure to maintain the appearance of all buildings – both for the visual appeal it will provide and for safety. For example, exposed wiring, rotting wooden balconies and burned out lighting are all things that will turn off the quality clients you are hoping to attract.

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